Welcome to Spring 2017.  Watch your email and the calendar for this years activities.

As ‘Old Man Winter’ approaches please call the Club at 765-7887 to check on hours of operation.

Hours for December are:

                                   BAR                          Kitchen

 Sunday                   10-6 PM                  10-2 PM

Monday                  CLOSED ALL DAY

Tuesday                 CLOSED ALL DAY

Wednesday            4-9 PM                    Closed/Bar Menu

Thursday                12-9 PM                  4-9 PM

Friday                     12-10 PM`               4-9 PM

Saturday                12-6 PM                  Closed/Bar Menu

The pool is now open!  Bring the family for a fun time at the pool.  Let the kids swim and the adults enjoy the sunshine while sipping on one of the many beverages from the bar.

The pool will be open this Saturday.  Sorry that it was not open for Memorial Day week-end but the repairs to the pool took some time to complete.  One reason was the amount of rain we had in May.  You can not patch a wet pool.

The pool pump  had been repaired to the point where it is no longer feasible to do so. That pump was at least 30 years old so we had to purchase a new one.

The diving board is no longer safe to use and we no not have the funds to replace it .  I know the diving board is well liked by many  children and I am sure they will be disappointed.

Thanks to Chad Gearhart,  head of the pool committee for all of his hard work.

The pool will be opening soon.  Watch your newsletter or check back for opening day.


Chad Gearhart , our pool committee chairman ,told me the pool will be open tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. Sorry for the delay but the pool itself needed to be patched and painted.  It is an old pool and needs yearly maintenance. Sorry, but the diving board and the base that holds the board have been declared unsafe.

We needed to replace the pool pump.  The pump had been repaired often  as it is at least 30 years old.  We hope the Summer pool season will be profitable and when we have the funds, we can look into replacing the Board.

If  you have questions or concerns at the pool, please e-mail or call me at 765-5891.  Summer is so short and the pool should be a fun place to be.

Music by the Brewhouse Boys 6-9 PM.

Buffet, games, music and fun!

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